The Training Band

Do you know somone that would like to learn a brass instrument?

  • Tuition and weekly rehearsals for just £12 per term
  • Free loan of a brass instrument (subject to £20 deposit)
  • Beginners welcome
  • Monday evenings 6:30-7:30pm

Our training band is open to all aspiring young and not so young musicians, regardless of ability or prior experience. Tuition of brass and percussion instruments is given at a weekly rehearsal of the training band. The band is led by two qualified and experienced brass tutors. In due course we plan to have regular concerts, including joint concerts with Haworth Band.

When does it happen? Every Monday evening, 6:30 – 7:30pm during Term Times. The sessions last for one hour; sessions include teaching (group or individual) and ensemble rehearsal time.

Where does it happen? The Training Band takes place at the Haworth Band room which is located at the rear of Haworth Village Hall, Butt Lane, Haworth BD22 8QJ. Our band room has plentiful space for teaching and full band rehearsals. There is also ample free parking.

Why Should I Learn to Play a Brass Instrument?

There are many benefits for taking up a musical instrument and brass is one of the best!

Enjoyment – playing music in a group is amazingly enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding.

Teamwork – by learning to play in a group you learn to work together to make music.

Concentration – playing music requires concentration, and learning to play in a group helps develop concentration.

Confidence – you cannot hide if you are a brass player or percussionist, and playing in a friendly group is a great way of making friends and building confidence.

Tradition – The British Brass Band is a tradition dating back centuries, and groups like Haworth Band help to continue that tradition.

Numeracy and logic – learning music is proven to assist in developing mathematical skills and logic skills.

Easy – it is surprisingly easy to make a sound from a brass instrument, and players can quickly grasp enough basic ability to play in a group.

Challenging – there is always a challenge, even for the best musicians in the world.

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